3 Ways to Take Your Fishing to the Next Level


  1. Buy a higher quality rod – Your cheap starter rod might have caught you a few fish, but when you’re ready to take your fishing to the next level, it’s time to invest. Higher quality rods are stronger and allow you to catch bigger fish.
  2. Go on a fishing charter – Don’t limit yourself to the waters you can reach on your own. Take a charter into deeper waters and find fish you can’t find on the docks.
  3. Take a fishing trip – You won’t find bigger and better fish if you stay in your own state. Take a fishing trip where you travel to the great lakes of another state and catch a big one!

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3 Tips for Halibut Fishing


  1. Ocean Floor: Halibut are bottom feeders. Thus, your best bet for catching a halibut out at sea is to drop your line way down to the ocean floor.
  2. Proper Hook: Halibut fishing requires a special kind of hook. To hook your halibut effectively, you will need to use a rounder headed hook.
  3. Hit on the Head: Once you have hooked your halibut, reel it in and then hit it on the head before slitting and bleeding it for easier handling.

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